For Those Of You Who Are Wondering About My
Past, Here's Some Information You May Find Interesting.
In April 1966, I began my career in Law Enforcement as a volunteer with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Emergency Squad. The purpose of the Emergency Squad is to respond to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, watercraft accidents and to augment full time Police Officers and Deputy Sheriff's as needed.
In April 1967, I joined the Maple Plain (Minnesota) Police Department where I attained the rank of Sergeant. Maple Plain is a third ring suburb of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and, at that time, had a population of approximately 1,000 residents. During this time, I designed and oversaw installation of an updated alerting system for the Maple Plain Fire Department which allowed more firefighters of the Maple Plain Volunteer Fire Department to be alerted via radio than could be alerted by use of an existing and antiquated telephone alerting system. I worked for the Village of Maple Plain until October 1969 at which time I joined the county.
You may think that the 'story' ends here. But it doesn't. Leaving Law Enforcement is a very difficult thing to do; just ask any 'cop' that you know.

So, you ask; "What's a 'retired cop' to do"?

The obvious answer is "Go to work for another agency." That's just what I did; I then went to work for the Minneapolis (Minnesota) Department of Emergency Communications.

Here, I answered, and dispatched, calls from the public that were seeking 'routine' and emergency Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services assistance.

My seven plus decades of life have certainly been fun, productive, interesting and rewarding !!

I can't begin to count the many hundreds, if not thousands, of great (and not so great) people, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fans of my radio and Internet shows, etc. that I've met during my entire lifetime.

My senior year in high school (the hardest three years of my life) came to a 'crashing' close when I was hit by a car in February 1961 and I sustained two broken legs. Having to finish high school in a hospital bed in my parents living room at our home in Plymouth was 'different', to say the least. Attending graduation exercises in a wheel chair was also 'different'.
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In addition to serving in the Communications Division, I also served in the Warrant Fugitive Division of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department. My most notable arrest was that of a twenty-three year old male who had murdered his girlfriend as well as their three children. The killer was arrested in Wichita Falls, Kansas and I brought the fugitive back to Minnesota, without incident, to answer for the four felony murder charges against him.

I retired from active Law Enforcement on September 15, 1984; however, I kept my Minnesota Police Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.) license current for another six years after my retirement.
After that, and STILL wanting to help make schools, cities, communities and counties safer, I worked for Anoka County (Minnesota) Central Communications; the 9-1-1 Center for all Police and Sheriff's Departments, all Fire Departments and All Emergency Medical Services operating in Anoka County.
In addition to the Public Safety organizations listed above, I also worked as a Radio Communications Officer for the West Metro District of the Minnesota State Patrol.
After finally leaving the Public Safety profession completely, I then worked as a disk jockey/announcer/producer/engineer at radio station KCHK-AM in New Prague (Minnesota) from April 2002 until January 2004. During that time, I had local Law Enforcement officers as frequent guests on his daily five hour radio show.
Periodically, I also worked as a disk jockey/announcer/producer/engineer at radio station KRDS-FM with studios also located in New Prague (Minnesota) from April 2002 until January 2004.
In the winter of 1990-91, I formed a company called the NATIONWIDE TOLL FREE CRIME INFORMATION & DRUG ACTIVITY TIP LINE NETWORK. Initially, the TIP LINE NETWORK (as it would later be known as nationwide) was intended for use only by Law Enforcement Agencies in Minnesota. However, once 'word got out' of the TIP LINE Network, my company began receiving calls for our TIP LINE PROGRAM from Police and Sheriff's Departments, Drug Task Forces, County Attorney's Offices and School Administrators throughout the United States who wanted to implement my company's exclusive TIP LINE PROGRAM in their cities, counties and schools.

As the founder and System Administrator of the NATIONWIDE TOLL FREE CRIME INFORMATION & DRUG ACTIVITY TIP LINE NETWORK I was  an individual with nearly twenty years of Law Enforcement experience. In September my exclusive TIP LINE PROGRAM was made available to Law Enforcement Agencies and School Administrators throughout the entire United States. My very successful company operated flawlessly until August 1, 2012, when I made the decision to discontinue my company's service.

If you'd like to read some of the impressive comments made about my company during the years it was in operation, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
Sometime after leaving commercial broadcasting, I began hosting an hour long Olde Tyme Music Show that is heard around the world four times a week via the Internet on Guests on my Internet Program included local Carver County (Minnesota) Sheriff Byron 'Bud' Olson, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek as well as former Carver County Attorney Mike Fahey, now a judge for the Scott County (Minnesota) District Court.

A couple of years ago, I changed the name of my program from "THE DELTA DICK SHOW" to simply "THE DELTA SHOW".  Or, "THE DELTA BROADCAST". My 'Official Website' Is

In addition to playing your favorite Olde Tyme & Variety Music on, I now also host an 'open forum' type of Internet show that features interesting people with interesting ideas talking about interesting topics. These shows are unscripted, have no topic or time restraints and have proven to be very popular with listeners worldwide.

All of these shows are 'spontaneous'; that is, there is no 'rehearsal' beforehand. We do not charge anyone or any organization who appears on our shows and this 'open forum' is available to agencies or interesting individuals who have interesting information to share about interesting topics.

To get a better understanding of what these interviews consist of and how they are conducted, please go to our 'DELTA ON DEMAND' Webpage. Here, you will be able to listen to selected interviews with Sheriffs Olson and Stanek, as well as other previously recorded interviews 24/7; 'on demand'; on 'DELTA ON DEMAND'.
Most kids, while they're growing up, want to be a Policeman or a Fireman; not me. I always wanted to become a 'disk jockey' and play 'rock and roll' music. I can remember setting up a 'pretend radio studio' in my bedroom when I was ten or twelve years old and 'playing radio' during most of my waking hours. (See a somewhat 'embarrassing' picture of me from back in the 1950's to the right.)

Growing up, I kinda was always 'in my own little world' but that was OK; life back then was allot less complex & confusing and wasn't the 'rat race' that it is now. In these days, Police get no respect, drugs are everywhere, the 'two parent family' is pretty much a thing of the past, religion is all but nonexistent, too many people think that the world owes them a living and the generations born in the 1980's and beyond are really pretty pathetic, except for those individuals that take pride in themselves and who they are.
Reflecting back over my life, I wouldn't change the time period in which I grew up for ANYTHING !! I've lived in Minnesota all of my life, grew up in Richfield until the fourth grade and my first 'real job' was a 'stock boy' at the Wayzata Rexall Drug Store in the Colonial Square Shopping Center in Wayzata. I worked there from August 1961 until about April of 1966. Then, I worked at the Qik & Ezy/Nice & Ezy in Maple Plain (now called the Maple Plain Food Center); the very first combination drug/grocery store anywhere in the United States.

My 'aspirations' to become an 'on air radio personality' sort of 'evaporated' when I learned that, in 1967, the City of Maple Plain was looking for a full time Policeman. Having been a member of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Emergency Squad for about a year, I applied to the city and was hired; began working there on April 1, 1967 and stayed there until October 20, 1969 when I 'realized my dream' of becoming a radio dispatcher for the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department.

My career with the Sheriff's Department was as rewarding as it is impressive. My commendations  include a Letter Of Commendation from Clarence Kelly, when he was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a letter from someone I could have arrested on a Bench Warrant but didn't (exercised compassion instead), and everything in between that you can imagine.

Yep; life has been good; REAL good for me. Thankfully, it's nowhere near being 'over'; I've still got allot that I want to do.

Starting with listening to, and editing, about fifty, 7 inch reels if 1/4 inch magnetic recording tape; some of which were first recorded when I attended Brown Institute of Broadcasting in Minneapolis back in 1963.

WOW !! I'd better get going on that, soon !!
This Was My Company; A Company That I Designed And Started In 1991

P.O. Box  97  *  Hamburg,  Minnesota  55339   E-mail:
CALL US TOLL FREE: (800) 551-6998
FAX US TOLL FREE: (866) 359-2161  

Since 1991, Working With Local Law Enforcement To Help Make America A
Safer Place In Which To Live, Learn and Work; One Community At A Time.

I closed this company on August 1, 2012 after twenty-one very successful years of service.
I also served in the United States Air Force from 1963 until 1969 as a Aircraft Crash Rescueman/Firefighter Specialist (AFSC 57150). During that time, I received a Good Conduct Medal, Marksmanship Medal and Unit Citation Award.
I thought I'd 'give politics a shot' and was elected to a four year term as a  City Councilmember and began serving in 2013, for the City of Hamburg (Minnesota); a small city in southwestern Carver County having just over 500 residents. I began my political career in the summer of 2012 by seeking one of two City Council seats that were to become vacant at the end of 2012. I was elected to my current position as a Hamburg City Councilmember in the fall of 2012 receiving 161 votes; my nearest  'competitor' received 29 votes.

And during the time that I was a Hamburg City Councilmember, I maintained a very popular Website specifically designed to inform Hamburg Taxpayers where there tax dollars were being wasted. THAT Website is now THIS Website; now one of a Hamburg resident; and can still be found at
I am also very proud of the fact that I saved Minnesota taxpayers over $31,000.00 by reporting a former employer that was 'cheating the system' that regulates and licenses those Minnesota companies that provide their service to developmentally disabled persons. Because of my reporting this incident, Minnesota taxpayers were reimbursed the money illegally obtained by my former employer.

I also designed and implemented the FIRST computerized water/sewer billing system for the City of Cologne and was instrumental getting high speed wireless Internet access available to residents of Hamburg and the surrounding area.
Delta Dick,

Trooper Keith Simonette came into my office today to tell me that you were no longer "on the air".  I was disappointed to hear of this as you have been a great supporter of the Minnesota State Patrol and law enforcement in general.  I really do think you cared greatly about the safety of your listeners. You assisted us in educating the public through methods other then arrests and citations.  It is my hope that you will find a comfortable and rewarding career elsewhere and that you will remain a loyal friend to us and those in your community who support you.  Thank you!

L. Hodapp, Commander, District 2200: The Minnesota State Patrol
"Dick: Thanks for your public service; you do so much and probably don't get recognized for any of it. But, you are a wonderful asset for Carver County and Hamburg and for your radio listening community; you're just a great guy. Thanks so much."

"My prayer would be more Dick Odoms would rise up and get involved in their lives, in their  communities and in our way of life!  Our future needs courageous leaders who are not afraid to “challenge” the process and our leaders.   America needs our involvement more than ever because of the polarizations that is taking place at all levels of government and our lives.  I have tried to think of any part of my life where government in NOT involved in some way, shape or form.  While I believe we cannot live without “the people” looking out for each other, I believe we have created a monster that has an appetite we cannot sustain.  Something has to give……"

"Wishing you Life’s Best today and everyday!!"

Byron 'Bud' Olson
Retired Sheriff of Carver County, Minnesota
"Thanks again for the opportunity to meet with you last week and do the interview. It is an honor to be on your program."

Judge Michael A. Fahey, Minnnesota First Judicial District Court and Former Carver County Attorney.
One more thing; I've also written a book about using United States Stove Company's 'AMERICAN HARVEST'
corn burning stove to heat our home; here's a picture of the cover:
Paul Williams, Engineer and Vice President of United States Stove Company appeared as my guest 'DELTA ON DEMAND'  a couple of times and we talked about our experience with his company's new corn burning stove.
I was also invited to appear on TWO network television shows when I sued my lawyer and represented myself. (And, yes; I won my suit against him !!)
Since August 10, 2006, I have been employed as a Security Officer within the Security Division at Mystic Lake Hotel Casino-Hotel in Prior Lake (Minnesota). I am now in my eleventh year of service, I have had the very distinct pleasure of working with the Security Department of Mystic Lake Casino/Hotel and have been very fortunate to meet, and work with, a variety of wonderful, dedicated people that help make Mystic Lake Casino*Hotel a safe, enjoyable and fun environment for the hundreds of thousands of guests that visit us each year !!
Owned and Operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
(952) 445-9000
I also owned and operated a Burglar and Fire Alarm Company until April 1986 when I sold the company. Now, everybody knows where the name 'Delta' came from; the 'secret is out' !!.
The Hennepin County Sheriff's Department's Radio Communications Center As It Looked After A Major Renovation In The Early 1970's. I Became A Member Of The Sheriff's Department On October 20, 1969 and Retired From The Sheriff's Department On September 15, 1984. Don Omodt Was The Hennepin County Sheriff During My Entire Career And Is The Longest Serving Sheriff In Hennepin County History; Having Served An Astounding TWENTY-SEVEN Years !!
Sheriff Omodt congratulating me upon my promotion to Sergeant in the Communications Division of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department on February 18, 1976; where I worked for another eight and one-half years.

However, after about five years, I was transferred to the Warrant/Fugitive Division of the Sheriff's Department and worked in that Division until my retirement in September 1984.
I also was the Director of Security as well as the Night Manager for the Best Western Canterbury Inn (now known as America's Best Value Inn & Suites) in Shakopee, Minnesota.
In conjunction with Delta Security Systems, I also designed, opened and operated a FULLY COMPUTERIZED Central Alarm Receiving Station that not only monitored my company's alarm accounts but the alarms of ELEVEN different companies in FIVE different states !! Additionally,  I alsodesigned, constructed and operated a BACKUP facility in case my main facility became inoperationable. Like Delta Security Systems, TCI was also sold in April 1986.
In August 2012, I Filed For Election To The Hamburg City Council.
In November of that year, the residents of Hamburg elected
me to a four year term.

My current term expired
on December 31, 2016.

Please Visit My Very Popular Website As A Resident Of The
City of Hamburg (Minnesota):
When satellite television was made available in Minnesota, I was one of the very FIRST individuals that 'aligned' myself with satellite television provider PRIMESTAR and had the unique opportunity of introducing residents of Carver, Scott and the southwestern metro area to this TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT in television viewing
The 'rural nature' of Carver, Scott and the surrounding counties meant that conventional cable television was not available to residents. Because of the great need for satellite television viewing in these area, I seized on the opportunity to help being satellite television to area residents.

To this day, it's very gratifying to drive throughout the counties that I introduced satellite television to and STILL see the  mounts used to hold the 36" elliptical 'dish' antennas on houses and other buildings; knowing that I had 'made a difference' to area residents by being responsible for bringing them the latest in satellite television technology.
My senior year in high school were the hardest three years in my life. But, I finally graduated from the Wayzata High School in June 1961.

Do the math !!
YEP;  As You'll Learn Below,
Life Has Been GOOD To Me;
Attested To By The Walls Of My Office On South Jacob Street
On October 20,  1969, I became a full time Deputy Sheriff with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office assigned to the Communications Division. During this time, I attained the rank of Sergeant and became the Division's Training Officer..

As the Division's Training Officer, I was responsible for designing and setting up a Training Program outlining Proper Radio Procedures to be used by not only Sheriff's Department Deputies, but Countywide Police Officers and Fire Department Members for all agencies that received their emergency and routine radio dispatching service from the Sheriff's Departments' Communications Division, Volunteers of the Sheriff's Water Patrol, Sheriff's Emergency Squad, employees of the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office and the Hennepin County Office of Civil Defense. I also was responsible for training various Police Department Reserve Officers as well as being the Sheriff's Department's Liaison Officer for the Mobile Amateur Radio Corps of Hennepin County (M.A.R.C.).

As the Communication Division's Training Officer, each year I also designed and presented a very popular and informative Severe Weather Seminar for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Personnel from Minnesota's Nine County Metropolitan area. I coordinated this seminar and presentation with Mr. John Graff; the Meteorologist In Charge National Weather Service Forecast Office in Minneapolis and it was held each year during Severe Weather Awareness Week at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale. Two Seminars were conducted each year; one in the afternoon and one in the evening to afford the maximum number of Public Safety Personnel being able to attend.

During my time as a Sergeant with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Communication Division, I served on numerous Public Safety committees and assisted in the promulgation of Rules, Regulations and Procedures governing the use of a newly implemented Statewide Police Emergency Frequency (MINSEF); 155.475 MHz. Also during this time, I coordinated Severe Weather Procedures between Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service agencies in the seven county Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and the local National Weather Service Forecast Office in Minneapolis.
In approximately December 1974 while working  part time for a local ambulance company based  in Minneapolis but providing  service to southern and  western Hennepin  County, I  also  became  one  of  the  first  Nationally  and  State   Registered   Emergency M medical Technician  -  Ambulance (EMT - A) and   have maintained  my  C.P.R.  (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Certification (well; almost) continuously.

I am also a National Incident Management System (N.I.M.S.) certified in Parts 100, 200 and 700., a 'SkyWarn' Trained Weather Spotter for the National Weather Service as well as having been an Amateur Radio (Ham) Operator for well over fifty years.